Media Access Awards Presented by Easterseals Disability Services

The annual Media Access Awards recognizes depictions of disability in all media that are accurate, inclusive, and multi-faceted. Our awards ceremony honors industry professionals who have advanced disability-related narratives in fields including writing, producing, casting, performance, and directing.

The Media Access Awards and its partner Easterseals Disability Services — the nation’s largest disability services provider — are invested in changing the way people with disabilities are viewed by impacting entertainment industry portrayals of a community of 61 million Americans, that is too often invisible.

The year 2020 has brought into focus many social, cultural and economic inequities. Now more than ever the fight for inclusion of disabilities must stand tall. We must continue to advocate for authentic portrayals and employment of disabilities in media.

The Media Access Awards is up to the task and will be producing a 60-minute virtual show with the same production value of the past 11 years and with a greater reach for our mission.

Past MAA winners and recipients include: Jaime Brewer, Jimmy Kimmel, Simon Cowell, Danny Woodburn, Peter Farrelly, Shonda Rhimes and CJ Jones.

We are proud and please to be at the forefront of promoting opportunities for some of the brightest talents in the industry.

Please join us! Become a sponsor. Change the world!

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2020 Media Access Awards Sponsors

2020 Media Access Awards Sponsors

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