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Dedicated to the accurate portrayal and employment of people with disabilities in all media.

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Announcing The 2019 Media Access Awards!

Tune in on November 14th for a night of celebration honoring the best of disability representation in Hollywood.

Allen Rucker and David Shore Discuss Hiring and Disability

"This is obviously the right thing to do. I trust myself to be able to judge someone better than that, at least in a meeting, and certainly someone in a wheelchair is not unique in that regard."

Author Keah Brown Brilliantly Champions Intersectional Disability Representation

"Disability is the lens through which I see the world, even though it's not always the subject of my world."

Haben Girma Shares Her New Memoir and Message of Empowerment on “Today”

"Over time, I started to realize I need to advocate. Otherwise, these barriers are not going to change."