At the 2016 Media Access Awards, Speechless castmembers Micah Fowler and Cedric Yarbrough presented the 2016 SAG-AFTRA Disability Awareness Award to Scott Silveri, Jake Kasdan, and Melvin Mar.

Before giving out the award,Cedric Yarbrough reminded the audience why Speechless is such an important show for “creating a new and powerful awareness of those with disabilities and their families.” The show reached over 7 million viewers a week.

“It’s not easy to get any show on prime time television. Certainly not this one! Nor is it easy to get it up and flying high, which is exactly how Speechless is flying!”

Speechless follows the adventures of a teenager with cerebral palsy, as he copes with his crazy family and high school life with his trademark sense of humor.

ABC will release the third season of Speechless starting in October 2018. You can get all the details at ABC.