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For more information about The Media Access Awards, including our press breakfast and gala on October 10, 2012, contact David Radcliff at:

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  1. I would like to enter mine and my writers’ screenplay into contests that would make us eligible for awards.

    “ANONYMITY: The History of Straight, Incorporated”
    WGA Reg: I48569

    My name is Brian Dodd. I am legally disabled as a result of the tortures and abuses done to me at a former juvenile lockdown facility called Straight, Incorporated. Our 120 page manuscript was structured and written over five years, through the University of South Florida creative writing departments and college film clubs (USF UFVA), with direct edits from Miriam Goodspeed (Edward Scissorhands) of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association. Our manuscript is supported and endorsed by NAACP Florida President Adora Nweze, and other NAACP chapter presidents, and by many film associations nationally and locally.

    • Hi Brian,

      The Media Access Awards is not a screenplay competition. Every year, we award people in the industry – writers, producers, directors, actors, casting directors – who have advanced the portrayal and employment of people with disabilities. So, its based on work individuals have done during their careers.

      We wish you a lot of luck with your work.

      Media Access Awards

  2. Hello David!

    I am an actor with a walking disability, who used to be a PRESENTER for the Media Access Awards, way back when Gail Ford Williamson and Gloria Castaneda were running it. Now I never hear about it or get the invites, yet I am out there constantly fighting for our rights and ALL INCLUSIVE DIVERSITY in casting for performers with physical challenges. I used to go in to talk with the CSA with Danny Murphy many years ago, asking them to open their minds and their doors. How do I get to attend these events again? I think it is critical we ALL work together on this change we want to see in our Industry. This is my 22nd year in the Entertainment Industry. We even made a movie last year just to show what it looks like to have a performer with a disability in a lead role. Here is the quick pitch we used to share our cause. Take a look at the video pitch. Our film is now in festivals around the world.

    Thank you, David!

    All the best,
    Eileen Grubba

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